Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~NK~ "All At Once"

Doing a song from the Top 5 of the week section again! I try not to do re-occuring artists, but i had to make an exception, just because after hearing NK's song Take me away, i decided to look and see what other music he had to offer, and i came across All at Once, and to shortly say, fell in love.
~NK~ "All At Once" (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/426363)
First off, i must say i love the in and out beat that this song has, it just gets to me in a way no other type of music can. I also enjoyed the mini-dubstep elements in this song. The song also flows very well, from each of the styles. The melody is also amazing, along with the synths. This song just really delivers what is needed to make a good song. It just has that awesome electronic feel to it.

Rating: (out of 10)
Melody : 10
Catchieness: 10
Instruments: 10
Staleness(or originality): 10
Overall: 10
(side note: first 10/10!)