Saturday, June 18, 2011

_Dreamwalker_ - Ian James

Finally getting better! <3 thanks for all the support!
_Dreamwalker_ - Ian James (
So the song does not have a intro, just kicks it into main gear. The melody you hear at the start is basically the same through out the whole song. The song gets repetitive, but there is still a bit of creativity in it. I do like to close my eyes while listening to the song and imagine i am in a dream. The song is very relaxing. Another problem is that the song is just loud in general, technical error. Might want to turn your speakers down before listening to this one!

Rating: (out of 10)
Melody : 7
Catchieness: 8
Instruments: 7
Staleness(or originality): 8
Overall: 7.5


  1. I can't find the song, do you have a link?

  2. Oh oops! sorry A, forgot to put that in there, here it is.