Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~NK~ "All At Once"

Doing a song from the Top 5 of the week section again! I try not to do re-occuring artists, but i had to make an exception, just because after hearing NK's song Take me away, i decided to look and see what other music he had to offer, and i came across All at Once, and to shortly say, fell in love.
~NK~ "All At Once" (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/426363)
First off, i must say i love the in and out beat that this song has, it just gets to me in a way no other type of music can. I also enjoyed the mini-dubstep elements in this song. The song also flows very well, from each of the styles. The melody is also amazing, along with the synths. This song just really delivers what is needed to make a good song. It just has that awesome electronic feel to it.

Rating: (out of 10)
Melody : 10
Catchieness: 10
Instruments: 10
Staleness(or originality): 10
Overall: 10
(side note: first 10/10!)

Saturday, June 18, 2011

_Dreamwalker_ - Ian James

Finally getting better! <3 thanks for all the support!
_Dreamwalker_ - Ian James (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/415107)
So the song does not have a intro, just kicks it into main gear. The melody you hear at the start is basically the same through out the whole song. The song gets repetitive, but there is still a bit of creativity in it. I do like to close my eyes while listening to the song and imagine i am in a dream. The song is very relaxing. Another problem is that the song is just loud in general, technical error. Might want to turn your speakers down before listening to this one!

Rating: (out of 10)
Melody : 7
Catchieness: 8
Instruments: 7
Staleness(or originality): 8
Overall: 7.5

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Zero Hour (2011) - Matthew Pablo

Read post below on why i have been gone, sorry!
Zero Hour (2011) - Matthew Pablo (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/420758)
The intro starts off, just hardcore drums, and i think they sound awesome. Overall the drums in this song are really nicely done. Then when the main melody comes on, it just unleashes awesomeness through your speakers. This song really blew me away, because its really nice quality, and has great length, but it also has many different sub-sections (if you will) that are different then the main melody, but also add on to the song. The guitar solo sounded great as well, but was pretty short. One of my favorite parts about this song, as it sounds like its ending, but then it continues on, i thought that was pretty neat.

Rating: (out of 10)
Melody : 9
Catchieness: 8
Instruments: 10
Staleness(or originality): 10
Overall: 9.3

Been sick, so sorry

Hey guys just wanted to let everyone know that i'm not dead or anything, i have had a bacterial infection called MRSA, and i have been getting high fevers of 103-104 for the past week, and i'm starting to feel better, so i'm going to get back to reviewing again! again, sorry for being away, shit happens :/

Friday, June 10, 2011

~NK~ "Take Me Away"

This time around, going to review from the Best of the week column again.
~NK~ "Take Me Away" (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/424260)
I'm excited to review this song, as it is the first dubstep song i am reviewing, and dubstep is one of my favorite genres.
But enough about me, lets get to the actual song!
The whole song in general is pretty light for a dubstep song, but it still is a great song! I enjoyed the nice intro, and the melody of it, then the adding of the bass was a plus. It goes on to some great wobbles. The melody in this song is just amazing, and it makes the whole song. There are some really cool dubstep sound effects used in this song, and some things were a little unorganized it seemed to me, maybe too many different sound effects. One of my personal favorite parts in this song is the ending, where the bass cuts off, it just sounds really nice and relaxing.

Rating: (out of 10)
Melody : 10
Catchieness: 9
Instruments: 7
Staleness(or originality): 9
Overall: 8.8

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fighting (FF7 Cover) - ArtificialFear

Sorry for the late post i try to get one in every other day but i was really busy yesterday.
Anyways, now for the music!
New week means new top list!
Fighting (FF7 Cover) - ArtificalFear (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/423473)
Another Nostalgic song today! (Because i know you love them)
Most people I know have played FF7. Even if its only a little bit, but almost everyone hears this song, as it is the battle theme song. The intro in this song is short lived, and ends almost as soon as it starts. You wont be disappointed though, hearing the awesome heavy metal just blast in your ears is always amazing. The song flows perfectly. It captures the FF7 essence so well, while bringing its own originality into the song. It's the perfect battle theme song.
Only thing i can say is turn up your volume and blast some FF music!

Rating: (out of 10)
Melody : 10
Catchieness: 8
Instruments: 10
Staleness(or originality): 5 (remix)
Overall: 8.3

Sunday, June 5, 2011

-Bafana- Untitled

Hey everyone, reviewing a weekly top 5 song this time.
-Bafana- Untitled (http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/423214)
This song gets into it fast, with no real intro. There is a nice soft melody throughout the whole thing, and nothing is too hard. I really like the mix of melodies that Bafana uses. There is obviously a lot going on in this song, but it still manages to sound really great. The song in general is softer for a dance song but still uplifting and enjoyable. There are a lot of different instruments that aren't used as much in other dance songs, so it also has a lot of its own originality. One of my concerns is that there is no real ending, the song dies down a bit but it ends abruptly.
Overall its a great song, catchy, and uplifting, just like any dance song should be.

Rating: (out of 10)
Melody : 10
Catchieness: 7
Quality: 9
Staleness(or originality): 10
Overall: 9