Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Fighting (FF7 Cover) - ArtificialFear

Sorry for the late post i try to get one in every other day but i was really busy yesterday.
Anyways, now for the music!
New week means new top list!
Fighting (FF7 Cover) - ArtificalFear (
Another Nostalgic song today! (Because i know you love them)
Most people I know have played FF7. Even if its only a little bit, but almost everyone hears this song, as it is the battle theme song. The intro in this song is short lived, and ends almost as soon as it starts. You wont be disappointed though, hearing the awesome heavy metal just blast in your ears is always amazing. The song flows perfectly. It captures the FF7 essence so well, while bringing its own originality into the song. It's the perfect battle theme song.
Only thing i can say is turn up your volume and blast some FF music!

Rating: (out of 10)
Melody : 10
Catchieness: 8
Instruments: 10
Staleness(or originality): 5 (remix)
Overall: 8.3


  1. FF7 had some on the best music, this cover isn't bad really.

  2. Good read, have a great weekend!

  3. I loved FFVII. This music really took me back to those school holidays

  4. It's been YEARS since I've played FF7. I like this.

  5. You ever listened to Powerglove? They do a sweet song called Omnishred (We're Gonna Need A Bigger Sword) that you may like.

  6. @Toliver Edge
    No i haven't but im going to check it out!