Wednesday, June 1, 2011

B7 - Pokemon TV Theme

Ok hey all, so i'm reviewing B7 - Pokemon TV Theme - Burn7 ( today.
Lets get started!
So as the song started playing, obviously what hit me first is nostalgia. Lyrics singing in my head "I want to be the very best..." So he obviously got the melody right. I really enjoyed the guitar in this song, and in my opinion, it brought the whole song together, but don't get me wrong, the drums were awesome too. I actually wish he uploaded the version with the vocals, rather than the instrumental version, but its still a good piece of music. Overall, its not my favorite but nostalgia makes it a lot better.

Rating: (out of 10)
Melody : 8
Catchieness: 7
Instruments: 10
Staleness(or originality): 5 (remix, cant give full points here)
Overall: 7.5


  1. this, the theme song of my childhood. great review!

  2. oh man this song brings back great memories!

  3. I love this song. I even bought the soundtrack, 2.B.A. Master. ON THE ROAD TO VIRIDIAN CITY!!! God dammit my life was pathetic. I've still got it in my itunes library though :)

  4. love the blog mmmm

  5. I remember my childhood, great memories!

  6. I think it's mostly nostalgia. I remember taping all the original episodes and noticing when a new voice actor took over. Always got on my nerves, and as soon as I got used to it, bam, a new VA.

  7. in my opinion it's to abstract.

  8. A great theme song is one you remember without seeing the show in years. This is one of them, even if i wasnt a fan of the show.

  9. A ridiculous song (in a good way?), it was a bit silly but nevertheless entertaining.

  10. i love the song..never really liked pokemon all that muchthough

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  11. I remember that song!
    This blog is so funny :) I follow dude!